The Marquee Club - A tribute site dedicated to the history of the legendary Marquee club at London's 90 Wardour street.

Marquee re-opening at Wardour St. by B.P. Beckett

"I never thought that my memories were that special until I started telling them to a few people. Especially younger ones who have a mythical image of those time. Here's just one.

The Marquee reopened after moving from the Academy building in Oxford St. March 13, 1964, my 16th bithday. Friday night with a big bash. Hamish Grimes let me and the rest of our four piece R&B band (not today's meaning), The Motivation in for free, name on the door. I was a kid, singing the Blues and playing harmonica. Sonny Boy Williamson had been my god since I was twelve. Hamish was up on stage introducing the acts against the red and white stripe stage. A backcombed grey suited Rod Stewart sang I'LL PUT A TIGER IN YOUR TANK, winking at Long John Baldry. Very upfront. The Yardbirds and Clapton with Sonny Boy are legend and recorded in The Five Live Yardbirds.

The Marquee was a DRY club.

I was in an empty Men's toilet when Sonny boy came and stood to the stall next to me. He towered over me, asked me where can you get a real drink around here. I told him about the Intrepid Fox just down the street. I went to the door with him and showed him where to go. 10 minutes later, in the break, everyone descended on the pub. Sonny Boy was in there and he nodded and smiled at me.

The most amazing music/club event of my life. Best to you all and a long long life!!!!!

Barry P Beckett, London, UK, April 2009.