The Marquee Club - A tribute site dedicated to the history of the legendary Marquee club at London's 90 Wardour street.

The Marquee Club 80's by Claire Flude

"I think my first gig at The Marquee was Bernie Torme in '83, though it could be '84. I lived in Sheffield at the time and remember being really excited to be coming to the legendary Marquee. I couldn't believe how small it was!

From then on, I used to come down maybe once a month 'till I moved to London. I saw a lot of great shows there. I worked for a couple of bands and got so well known by the guys on the door that I was able to slip into a few gigs for free!

It was the time of glam and the girls' room was not a place to light a ciggy! The hairspray was so thick in there you only had to walk in and get out your comb!

Lemmy (Motorhead) was a regular -I see him more at The Rainbow in L.A. these days than in London!- Razzle (Hanoi Rocks), Neil Murray (then of Whitesnake) were always around.

I remember hiding our wine bottles in the curtain folds of the bar/foyer area. And if you were unfortunate enough to fall over, when you got up you had the floor print on you!

I also remember being in there to see Bernie Torme and the temperature was about 130! I think they had exceeded the capacity by a few hundred that night.

I remember being shocked to find out the Wardour St Marquee was to close and was going to be a restaraunt! We had great nights there! The 'new' Marquee on Charing Cross Road was a pretty good venue. I saw a lot of gigs there too. I think the last gig at Charing Cross Road I went to was Stonebird, 5th of June 1994.

I saw The Feeling at the Leicester Square Marquee on 30th March 2005 and thought it was a good venue but The whole Marquee thing seems to have died when Charing Cross Rd closed. I know there was another venue after that but can't remember where.

I made a lot of friends at Marquee gigs. I miss it! This is a great site to re live the good times of rock 'n' roll!"

Claire Flude, London, England, March 2007.