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The Maniacs by Ian Dickson

"The Manicas were known as the Rings when I met them. I went to the Marquee to shoot the Damned and they were the support. I was quite impressed by them and did a session after they played. To be honest, I can't remember how the question of managing them arose, but when I got home, I knew I was involved. We had talks a few days later and Twink (ex Pink Fairies and vocalist) made some extraordinary financial demands which raised a few eyebrows. I think the other members (Alan Lee Shaw, Rod Latter and Robert Crash) were a bit pissed off with Twink, who'd performed from behind the drums during the Marquee gig to avoid the gobbing! I can't really blame him for that, but it wasn't in the punk spirit! The upshot was that they got rid of Twink, went out as a trio and changed the band's name. That's how the maniacs came into being.."