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Stewart Carolan

Stewart Carolan

Born Stewart Herbert Patrick Carolan on the 28th of June 1956 in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England, Stewart Carolan was a resident DJ and member of the staff at The Marquee Club in 1974, under the management of Jack Barrie and Ulrik Prutz.

Stewart started working to The Marquee in early '74, initially collecting used glasses at the club and in the cloakroom. He later started doing DJ sessions at the club as a replacement for the resident DJ's Ian Fleming, Jerry Floyd and Mark Poppins.

Stewart Carolan quit his job at The Marquee in December '74 and started working for Richard Branson's Virgin Records. In 1977, he left the job and went to North East London Polytechnic to studied for a Diploma in Higher Education. He has lived in different countries, including Greece, France and Austria, where he created his own wholesale business. Stewart lives now between London and Crete. From 1987 until recently, he has also performed as a musician (guitar, piano, and vocals) in small venues all over Europe.

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