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Steve Winwood, 1998

Stevie Winwood

"Lyrically, "I'm a Man" was the brainchild of New York producer Jimmy Miller, who had a feeling for the American market and Jimi Hendrix showed me the E-7th guitar chord on the track. Steve provided the rest of the American R&B edge with his marvelous vocals and keyboards, and it's funny, because the song had originally been intended for a "Swinging London" film. "Gimme Some Lovin" was also written with an American perspective. We used to rehearse at the Marquee Club in London, and Muff had a bass riff from an old record by Homer Banks (the prolific Stax songwriter) called "Whole Lotta Lovin". I hadn't heard that song, but I thought the riff Muff was playing was fantastic. I added a G, A and C-minor to it, Steve played a Ravel's "Bolero" kind of thing, and Steve said to me, "Don't play major, play minors."The English version was a stark, haunting thing, but the American version, which everybody knows best, had backing vocals. It was number 2 in England and the only thing that kept it from number 1 was "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys. Steve and us had just the sound America craved! Pity the Spencer Davis Group never toured the States."

Ray Bennett, Musician magazine, November 1988.
Interview by Timothy White