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Simon G. White by Alex Piva

"This happened on the 23rd December 1986 while I was in London with my friend Sergio. I met Mr. White (director of the Marquee Studios ), a typical mid-aged gentleman, while he was just standing outside the Marquee club with Jack Barrie and some other gents who were all big shots of music industry and the London town council.

To be honest, they stopped us friendly and, as soon as they realized we were foreigners, they started telling jokes and entertaining us untill we eneded up in a nearby pub drinking beer, a lot of beer.

They were actually considering the bad overall conditions of the building and, believe it or not, thus I learnt that the club was going to move to Charing Cross even before the news appeared on the media and papers!! I perfectly remember one of them ( maybe Jack Barrie ) making me notice, perhaps kidding, that the building facade was slightly slipping ahead towards the pavement due to years and years of hi-volume vibrations!!!

Mr. White and his closest friend, a certain Michael, stayed with us at the pub along with Jack Barrie and a bunch of other people. After the pub, Mr. White, Michael, me and my friend caught a taxi and went to Mr. White's apartment in Shaftesbury Mews - Knightbridge and sat there sipping frozen Batida till day light. They talked about music and, mostly, about new bands. Mr. White told me that in those days "The Cure" were recording at the Marquee Studios and invited me and Sergio to go to see them 3 days later, but we had our flight leaving the day before !! We surely lost a chance but undoubtely saved something else...!!!

Anyway, after that night, many months went by and, while I was in the serving the obligatory service in the Army, I decided to send a letter to Mr. White along with some pictures of me playing with my current band. He wrote me back on headed letter-paper of the Marquee, which I still keep. I never had contacts with this person anymore. What an amazing experience!!

Alex Piva, Udine, Italy.