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Rory Gallagher by Ron Skelton

"Remembering Rory's stage antics has got to bring a smile to your face. I believe that Rory knew that to some extent there was a Shadow Play element to the "Theatre of Music", even including the serious bluesy side of the business. However, I would like to take you back to the days of Taste, when I saw Rory for the 2nd or 3rd time (give me a chance, it was 1969). The Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London.

To the point:- Sugar Mama, about half way through the number; the improvising, Rory asking the questions on The Strat, Richard McCracken answering on bass-guitar, Rory asking far more complicated note constructions from The Strat, McCracken actually being able to reply, Mr. Gallagher loving every single note of the musical extravaganza conversation excitedly turns to John Wilson and asks the first 10 notes from The Strat, Wilson repeats, Rory steps closer and asks 20 notes, Wilson beats the same number in drum language, Rory is now in his total element, his reason for being on this planet, stands leaning over the front of the drum kit and effortlessly blasts out double the number of notes while defiantly staring into the eyes of his drummer, Wilson's arms nearly come out of their shoulder sockets but he manages to reply to Rory's phrase, Rory, now possessing amounts of adrenaline not normally stocked by your county hospital, runs round to the high-hat, lifts The Strat over the cymbals and starts to play the guitar lick of guitar licks and in the process smashes Mr.Wilson straight in the kisser with the head of The Strat. Did Rory stop? Did he hell. Wilson didn't manage to reply accurately in musical terms on that occasion. God works in mysterious ways, sometimes in advance??? Nevertheless, I really enjoyed remembering that moment, and Rory did apologise to John Wilson at the conclusion of Sugar Mama.

Well, thanks Dino for prompting me to write to the Loop with that memory. I should also mention when Rory got "possessed" in any song, he lowered the volume to natural acoustic level, even on his Strat, and would then hammer the stage with the heal of His baseball boots so f******g hard, the vibration would chill your spine to the extent that you thought the world was coming to an end, but then he turned the volume up full and you would know that He'd only just started. Anyway, that's my favourite memories of Rory's antics."

Ron Skelton, UK.