The Marquee Club - A tribute site dedicated to the history of the legendary Marquee club at London's 90 Wardour street.

Richard Sinclair of Caravan

"We did a concert at the Marquee club. Gun were the band on before us and they played well. We'd just picked up our new PA, a Rosetti thing. The trouble was that one of the earth wires had gone to live so when Pye came up to grab hold of the microphone and say "Hallo!" all that came out to about 500 very damp and sweaty people was "Haaaaaa!" He didn't get the "lo" out, he fell backwards into the drum kit in a shower of sparks, like the biggest light bulb you've ever seen. Richard immediately tried to get through his kit but got burned trying to pull Pye's arm away because Pye was being sucked onto his guitar. I was just too far away to do anything. I tried to sort of move towards him but there was this deathly silence for about three seconds. The audience, when they saw what was happening, just went totally silent, apart from Pye going "Aaaaahhhhh" very loudly out through a big PA. What saved Pye's life was cousin Dave, who was thinking quickly at the time, jumped over his organ and pulled his plug out, pulled the line out to his amp and stopped the electricity going through him. By then I think the electricity had gone through Pye for at least ten seconds, maybe longer. He said he felt alright straight afterwards and his heart went back to a normal beat, because a shock speeds up your heart, but Terry King, who was our new manager at the time said no Pye, you must get checked, you won't be able to play music, you can't go on. Terry had seen it before and in about ten minutes time Pye started to feel nauseous and went a funny colour yellow. They whipped him up to hospital, checked him over and thankfully he was OK."