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Ray H

Ray H

Ray was a member of the staff at The Marquee Club between from 1979 to 1982, working as a glass collector and back door minder. Before that, Ray wrote for ?Jamming? Magazine and was an appointed pseudo-editor of ?Sniffin? Glue? magazine and interviewing Pete Townshend, Johnny Rotten and John Peel, amongst others.

Ray started visiting The Marquee Club in 1978 and eventually he became friends with resident DJ Jerry Floyd, who got him a job as a glass collector at the club in September 1979. Ray had previously worked to Fleming at the Reading Festival.

He later started working at The Marquee as a back-door minder under the management of Jack Barrie, Nigel Hutchings, Uli (Ulrik Prutz) and later Ian 'Bush' Telfer. During this period, other staff members at the club were 'Big John' (bouncer and cleaner) and Keith (bouncer). Other eventual co-workers at the club were Ray's friends Paul McAvoy, Stephen 'Fibro' McAvoy, Steven 'Jimmy' Jamieson, and Pip 'ZaZa' Reechan. In 1980, Ray H and Paul McAvoy were fired by Nigel Hutchings, but they were eventually reinstated by Ian 'Bush' Telfer, who later fired him again in Spring 1982. Paul McAvoy was later reinstated, and promoted to bar manager. Eventually when Nigel Hutchings left The Marquee and Paul McAvoy became one of the two club managers.

After working at The Marquee Club, Ray worked in a government service in several cities, including London, York, Plymouth, and Gloucester. He started a successful Internet business in 2004.

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