The Marquee Club - A tribute site dedicated to the history of the legendary Marquee club at London's 90 Wardour street.

Phil Collins of Genesis, 2005

Phil Collins

"I was totally into the history of the place. I knew John Gee and Jack Barrie well, I swept the floor there on many occasions, put the chairs out. Queued for the first gigs by Zeppelin, Hendrix... I went there every week and saw so many great bands, many forgotten now.

I saw Jeff Beck's first gig there with The Yardbirds... he?d replaced Clapton that afternoon... Jimmy Page's debut on bass with Beck on lead guitar with The Yardbirds... again he'd joined in the afternoon... no rehearsing in those days apparently!!!. Led Zeppelin's first London gig to about 40 people as The New Yardbirds. Yes every Wednesday, The Who, The Action....", 2005