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Peter Jenner, 1993

Peter Jenner

"It was in June, I remember, because I was in the middle of the crucifyingly boring chore of marking examination papers... Anyway, I decided to pack it in for the evening and go along to this mad gig at the Marquee, which was being run by people like Steve Stollman and Hoppy... I arrived around 10.30 and there on the stage was a strange band, who were playing a mixture of R&B and electronic noises... and I was really intrigued because in between the routine stuff like "Louie Louie" and "Roadrunner", they were playing these very weird breaks; so weird that I couldn't even work out which instrument the sound was coming from. It was all very bizarre and just what I was looking for ?| a far out, electronic, freaky, pop group... and there, across the bass amp was their name: 'The Pink Floyd Sound'."

Peter Jenner, manager
Zig Zag magazine, 1993