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Paul Olsen of Graham Bond Band

Paul Olsen

"I’m sure you’ve heard about the famed dressing room in The Marquee, so tiny you couldn’t swing a cat in it... and decorated with EVERYONE’S autograph you could ever imagine. And the twits that tore down the club destroyed that iconic museum piece of musical history... so sad.

When I was with Third World War, we needed to get our act together, so we did a summer tour of Finland playing festivals (35 gigs in 31 days!!!) and then booked a gig at The Marquee upon our return. Our manager, John Fenton, couldn’t believe it was the same band, we had pulled ourselves together so tightly. It was a great gig to a packed house.

What’s interesting, is that we are all still in touch with each other today: John Hawken (piano) lives in New Jersey and still tours Europe with The Strawbs (he was a founder member). Terry Stamp (rhythm guitar and vocals and songwriter) lives in LA and plays gigs in Marina del Rey. Jim Avery (bass) lives here in England in Epsom and still writes songs with Terry. John Knightsbridge (lead) lives in Indianapolis and sells insurance (!!!), and I now live in the “rockbroker belt” of Surrey just down the road from Eric Clapton’s house and am starting a snack food business, still writing and painting and playing whenever I get the opportunity. Hawken and I get together for a drink every year here when he goes on tour with The Strawbs.'"., 2009