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Paul Olsen of Graham Bond Band

Paul Olsen

"I played in bands all over Europe, including the raucous and seminal Third World War, and was a pick-up drummer for all the Detroit soul bands who toured England, ran into Robin Trower around the corner from my house, did three album covers for him in England, and was generally in rock 'n roll heaven, rubbing shoulders with all the English greats. Many gigs with various bands and musos at the Speakeasy (the Speak), the Marquee, the Flamingo, the Revolution, the 100 Club, the Pheasantry, the Cafe des Artistes, the Lyceum, the Tally Ho, etc, etc, etc. Everybody in the business knew everybody else and we were constantly running into each other either at gigs, rehearsal rooms, Doc Hunt's drum shop, or muso pubs like the Ship, just up from the Marquee. Then one day I got a call: 'Funky? This is Graham Bond. I'm down in the country rehearsing with a band and we need a drummer tonight, can you come down?'".