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Original Marquee Club's stage on auction

15 March 2006

Jimi Hendrix Experience Marquee Club

Jimi Hendrix Experience at the Marquee club, March 1967

The original stage from the Marquee club at 90 Wardour Street was auctioned by the prestigious British auction company Cooper Owen on the last 9th of March 2006. The lot numbered 200 started at £6,000 and ended at £8,000 and it comprises two 6 x 4 feet wooden box-stage sections from the original stage where hundreds of other legendary bands played from 1964 to 1988. The original stage was found to have been preserved below a later stage during the building works and these are claimed to be the only surviving stage sections and were sold with a letter from Gregory Demolition, contractors for demolition of the building clearance of the site in 1989.

Jimi Hendrix Experience

Original stage of the Marquee club auctioned by Cooper Owen

Cooper Owen states that the vendor still recalls that he left a note on the windscreen of a car parked outside the Marquee to buy the front doors of the Marquee: "A man from the demolition company called me to the Marquee. I asked him to leave me in the Marquee for one week to empty it out. I took the stage, contracts, bar. These are two of the eight pieces of the original stage and the only ones known to exist. There are photos of me on the stage while taking it out of the Marquee."

This original stage set as well as the original dressing room door of the club where played at disposal at the now closed Vinyl Experience memorabilia shop at 20 Hanway Street. At the present moment we don't know where are the other existing items from the Marquee club and we are trying to know more about of the future of this historical item.

Cream Pictures

Set of Cream pictures at the Marquee club auctioned by Cooper Owen

The Marquee club stage was part of a recent Cooper Owen sale featuring a rare and extensive Cream archive to include the Janet Bruce Collection which features five lots of photographs of Cream plaing live at the Marquee club on the 27th of September 1966. One of the lots includes one of the few existing pictures of the Marquee manager John Gee, while presenting Cream's show at the club.

Note: this web site doesn't make a profit on the sale of these or any other items and is posting this information only for historical purposes.