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Nova by Raul R. Gero

"In 1975 I spent a year in London and twice or three times a week I used to go to the Marquee. I saw Trapeze, Nova, Upp, Mick Abrahams, Seventh Wave, Heavy Metal Kids, Brand X (the debut), Keef Hartley, Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Hustler, Stan Webb, and many many more bands. It was a great venue, small and cozy and for less than a pound you could see and hear the great bands of the day.

About Nova I have great memories. I remember talking to Corrado Rusticci the guitar player at the bar during the breaks. He hardly spoke English and I spoke a little Italian. He told me he was so happy of being able to play in London and in such a place so legendary as the Marquee and I think I told him that one day they will become legends themselves. Regarding photos, I didn't take any at the Marquee of the dozens of performances I attended but I have some of the Reading Festivals which they sponsored. I remember the DJ. Floyd???? bidding the audience good night and saying the Marquee could be closed during the bank holidays and see you all in Reading 1975."

Raul R. Gero, Miami, USA, 2005.