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Ken Pitt, 1972

"Well, I saw David Jones (David Bowie) as he was then - for the first time in the Marquee clu ved there .. he was a city type by then, and he used to sleep, eat, just to live, in a van which was parked near to the club."

"And David Bowie did have that much wider interest. I couldn't see much of a future for him in just playing the odd gig at the Marquee club, but David has this interest in dancing, in the theatre, in mime - had this picture of him going into his own show, really performing, not just being a pop star."

"There were two years of our contract left to run, and we had a talk about the financial side of things and it was all settled and that was that. ?Of course it's interesting to see how the Bowie career has developed since. My mind naturally keeps going back to that time in the Marquee club when I saw this David Jones and his band the Lower Third - and you find the dreams getting all mixed up with the hard facts."

Record Mirror, 1972
Ken Pitt, public relations.