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Keith Emerson, 2001

Keith Emerson

"Don Shinn was a weird looking guy, really strange. He had a schoolboy's cap on, round spectacles, really stupid. I just happened to be in the Marquee when he was playing... The audience... were all in hysterics. Giggling and laughing at him. No-one was taking him seriously. And I said, 'Who is this guy?' Hed been drinking whisky out of a teaspoon and all kinds of ridiculous things. He'd play an arrangement of the Grieg Concerto, the Brandenburg and all. So my ears perked up. Somebody else was doing these things. Playing it really well, and he got a fantastic sound from the L-100. But halfway throught the sort of shook the L-100, and the back of it dropped off. Then he got out a screw driver and started making adjusdments while he was playing. Everyone was roaring their heads off laughing. So I looked and said 'Hang on a minute! That guy has got something'. He and Hendrix were controlling influences over the way I developed the stage act side of things".

The Show Never Ends, 2001
Interview by Chris Welch