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Justin Colman (bartender)

Justin Colman

Born on the 7th of August, 1966, in Gillingham, Kent, UK, Justin Colman worked as a bartender at The Marquee Club between April 1987 and July 1988, under the management of Jack Barrie.

Before his involvement in The Marquee Club, Colman worked for a sound engineering company called TFA Stage Sound, which was later incorporated into Samuelson's Concert Productions based in Cricklewood, London.

After leaving The Marquee, he went and lived on a Kibbutz in Israel for a while and whilst there did some more sound engineering work for a company called Aleph Bet Electronica in Tel Aviv.

Justin returned to England the next year and worked as a security guard for a company called Security Express before again returning to Israel in the summer of '89. He then returned to the UK and again worked for SE and another security company called Sterling until the summer of 1990 when I again hitch-hiked back to Israel and the kibbutz. He later spent some time in Egypt and after that India and Nepal for several months and I returned to London to work for Marshall Cavendish Publications in the picture library department.

In, he went to Brighton to do a 4 year degree course in teaching and later worked as a teacher and also went to teach to Japan in 1998.

In 2003, Justin Colman quit teaching and started working for Brighton & Hove Social Services, looking after people with learning disabilities in residential care.


Interview with Justin Colman