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John McVie of Fleetwood Mac - Bassist 1998

"The early Mac played the original Marquee Club in Oxford Street. We were pretty crazy then. Jeremy (Spencer) had a huge dildo called Harold which he used to wind audiences up with! Yes, I miss the old club days very much. Now it's very controlled. We've got accountants, individual managers and lawyers, disc and DAT, but basically it's a five-piece band, and you go on stage and play, and we deliver music. But what's behind that is so much more than when we started off. Mayall and I were carrying our gear into the clubs and stuff--Eric and Peter mucked in. Now it's limos, private jets, but, hopefully, that bottom line isn't lost. I was talking to John Lee Hooker the other night, up at Shoreline--he slept on my Dad's floor, when I was with Mayall, during a Brit tour backing him up. I said, "John Lee, remember me?" and he said, "Yeah--I slept on your daddy's floor!"

Bassist magazine, February 1998.
Interview by Marty Adelson.