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Interview with Glyn Sadler of The Elcort

Singer Glyn Sadler played several times at The Marquee Club in 1966 as a member of The Elcort.

What is the first image that springs to your mind when you hear the words Marquee Club?

The great bands and the audience which was renown to be knowledgeable at this time did not clap if you were good and clapped when you were not.

Do you remember the very first time you ever visited the club?

February 1966.

Can you remember the first time you ever played at The Marquee Club?

August 1966, with Bluesology and The Move.

As a member of the audience at The Marquee Club, is there any band that you remember especially?

The Move, The Who, Cream... I went back to see Hendrix, who I played with in 1966 in Newcastle, and The Yardbirds..

Which was your most memorable night at The Marquee Club?

August 1966, when also The Troggs played and were not appreciated at all by the audience.

Can you remember who got your gigs at the club?

Our manager and the owner of Tower Records as well as Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones.

Did you ever see other members from The Elcort performing at The Marquee before or after you played with them?

Met Reg Dwight (Elton John), who was in tears in the dressing room because he thought the audience did not like the band... Long John Baldry, Graham Bond, The Move.

Did you also write your name on the wall?

It was there with many others.

Did you ever visit The Marquee Club or keep in touch with people from the club after you quit playing there?

Only to see Hendrix with Chas Chandler

What did you think when you heard about the demolishing of the original building at 90 Wardour street in the 90's?

It was a sad day for anyone connected with the London scene from 1964 onwards as this is the place where household names were born...and even the artists had no idea that they would become as big as they are: Elton John, Alan White, Robert Plant and many more. They just wanted to play music in "The Place" everyone placed above any other at that time. Scotch of St James, Sybilas and other venues were great but The Marquee was then as it remains today... still rated and talked about. It made many a musician.

If you had to define the effect that The Marquee Club had in your life or in your musical career, how would you put it into words?

Like Woodstock people remember it as an iconic place to have been there.
Kenny Craddock of The Elcort became well known on the circuit and arranged music for Van Morrison and later played The Hammond organ with his then hero Graham Bond and also played with many known artists through the years, including George Harrison. Skip Bifferty... He and The Elcort drummer Paul Nichols reformed Lindisfarne and Paul played on with Widowmaker... both I am sure seduced by The Marquee and its great ambiance

Interview by K. Barroso, January 2008.
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