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Interview with Brett Ascott of The Chords

Jim Walker

Brett "Buddy" Ascott was the drummer of The Chords, one of most active British bands in the mod revival during the late 70's.

What is the first image that springs to your mind when you hear the words Marquee Club?

Queues! Right up Wardour Street, past The Ship, out of sight...they're waiting for US? And the night we broke the guest list record -114 I think-. There were over a thousand in that night... don't tell the Fire dept.

Do you remember the very first time you ever visited the club?

Yes, Eddie and the Hot Rods, 1978?

Can you remember the first time you ever played at The Marquee Club?

Yes, so exciting! Sweat pouring off the walls, packed out, no air....

As a member of the audience at The Marquee Club, is there any band that you remember especially?

The Associates. The drummer, still don't know he was, was brilliant.

Which was your most memorable night at The Marquee Club?

Too many to mention. If we weren't playing we were probably at the bar chatting up Marisa or talking bollocks with (DJ) Jerry Floyd (RIP).

I never looked back from that night because everything snow balled with success; the single and album I produced came out to coincide with the tour; it was just the reason I needed to persuade Andrew Oldham to release it.

Can you remember how did you get to play at the club or who got the gigs for you?

Probably our agency, Asgard.

Did you ever see other members from any your bands/projects performing at The Marquee before or after you played with them?

Yep, I saw Popey (Chris Pope) play The Marquee in Charing Cross Road a few times, with Gatecrash Heaven.

Do you have any particular memory about any the managers of the club at the time, Nigel Hutchings?

Nigel was a good lad, always helpful, we gave him a lot of grief! But thanks for all the free entries.

Can you remember if you or anybody else from your band ever signed your name on the walls of The Marquee's dressing room?

There was no room to write anything! What walls?

Is there any particular anecdote from The Marquee that always makes you laugh?

The Chords last-ever gig, September 1981... we were waiting to go back for the encore, I stuck my head round the door, the crowd and looked out: "We are the mods", etc. Apparently I just shook my head disapprovingly at the lot of them and they shut up and started shouting for The Chords instead.

What did you think when you heard about the demolishing of the original building at 90 Wardour street in the 90's?

Bloody gentrification... a crying shame.

If you had to define the effect that The Marquee Club had in your life or in your musical career, how would you put it into words?

Best club in the world, to play or visit, no question.

Interview by K. Barroso, November 2007.
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