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Interview with barmaid Alison

Alison worked at The Marquee Club as a barmaid during the last times of the club between 1986-1988.

Do you remember the very first time you ever visited the club?

Hanoi Rocks, December 23rd 1985, pure majic.I've never been happier or more excited before or since!

Can you remember how did you get the job at The Marquee?

I walked past and saw an add in the window, I was 18 and 1 month, I was working in Harrod's Perfumery during the day, and I totally lied about my age and experience to Bush, beause I was so excited to work there!

What kind of work would do at The Marquee?

I was a barmaid, Ray was the head barman at the time.

As a member of the audience at The Marquee Club, is there any band that you remember especially?

Guns n' Roses were great, Dumpy's Rusty Nuts! Exiter, so many! Always such a great aptmosphere at the Wardour st. Venue.

Did you ever worked at other clubs apart from The Marquee?

I did the bar at the Dome club, above the Boston Arms, in Kentish Town.

How different was the atmosphere from The Marquee?

It was fun, but nothing beats The Marquee!

Do you have any particular memory about any of the managers of the club?

I remember Jack (Barrie) sitting around the front bar all night! Nigel (Hutchings) was a great boss, never any trouble!

Do you remeber any other people from the staff at The Marquee?

The head barman Ray, the door men Czar and 'Donkey' Paul,Chuck, and Scottish Jimmy, the pot man. Kathy from the bar, and Irish Imelda. Janice and Paul on the door, and Nick Henbry the DJ. We all used to hang out at the St. Moritz club after.

Did you become friend with any of the musicians that were performing at the Marquee during those days?

Lemmy from Motorhead, the guys from Madhatter, all the glam rock guys, Dogs d'Amour, lots and lots.

Is there any particular anecdote from The Marquee that always makes you laugh?

If a band had no audience we used to run around (drunk because we were bored) and make lots of noise clapping and trying to make them feel better!

Did you ever visit The Marquee Club or keep in touch with people from the club after you quit playing there?

I was devastated, still am, it should have had National Trust status!

If you had to define the effect that The Marquee Club had in your life, how would you put it into words?

Very important, we desperately need some clubs like this in London, if not all we will end up with is pop rubbish!

Anything you want to add?

Reading festival was awesome when the club had a hand in running it!

Interview by K. Barroso, December 2007.
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