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Ian McLagan of Faces, 1998

 Ian McLagan

"I used to get gigs from the Marquee Artists Agency, which was the agency that owned or ran the Marquee Club in London. We got opening slots on Wednesdays. We opened for Jimmy Reed and The Yardbirds. At that time, The Yardbirds were backing Sonny Boy Williamson when he came to England; he stayed in England for quite some time, and sometimes they'd be busy, and he couldn't get them. So they'd use another band on the Marquee rep, The Authentics. And it they couldn't get The Authentics, then my band, The Muleskinners, would get a shot. And by that time a lot of artists were coming to England from America, so we got to do Howlin' Wolf's first British tour. He was great! Such a gentleman. That's great photo with me sitting behind his huge face. He was just a huge guy! He put his arms around all five of us, and said: " boys..."! YES! And Hubert was just fantastic, too. We did one show with Little Walter, too."

Ian McLagan of Faces, Goldmine magazine, April 1998
Interview by Kent H. Benjamin