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Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, 1979

Ian Anderson

" Most of the time the people didn't want us back, you see, so we used to go back under a different name, and hoped for the best that they didn't recognise us. I mean we were literally down to almost dressing up in different clothes every time: we had to remember "What did we wear last time we were at that club under that name" and made sure we wore different clothes this time in case the promoter realised we were the same lousy lot he had a fortnight ago. It was only when we got a very strong reaction from promoters that we could afford to stick with the name, and that we did. In fact it was perhaps the second time we played at the Marquee ... or the third time ... we played once at the Marquee as the John Evan Band, went back, sort of hiding our faces from John Gee the manager, and became Navy Blue the second time we played the Marquee, and the third time we played at the Marquee we were Jethro Tull, and luckily that was the one that stuck."

BBC RADIO, March 1979
Interview by Brian Matthew