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Eddie & the Hot Rods by Irving Czechowicz

"I loved this place and saw many great bands down there. One of the best gigs was the Hot Rods, they done 2 gigs at the Marquee on the same night as so many wanted to get in. I had a great view behind the PA to the right of the stage. Another great night was when Remus Down Boulevard recorded the ill fated live album. If any Bridge house people read this get in touch. Wishbone Ash doing the warm up for Wembley supported by plummet airlines, I think. I was at the front of the stage and the crush was so much I had to climb over the stage and get out through the dressing room. The nice people from Ash gave me a pair of tickets for Wembley as I missed the Marquee show. Count Bishops rocked the place many times R.I.P zenon. Who could forget Albi donely singing? She moved the dishes first with Supercharge. Bearded Lady, the Enid, Salt… oh the list can go on.

Thanks for the memories Keep on Rockin’ "
Irving Czechowicz, Manchester, UK, 2006.