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George Harrison, 1977

George Harrison

"The first time I met Eric Clapton we were in the Hammersmith Odeon, and the Yardbirds were sort of supporting a group on the bill, and I just met him then, but really didn't get to know him. I met him again when the Lovin Spoonful were at the Marquee, and John and I went down and were just sort of hanging about backstage with them. We were going down to their hotel... I can remember just seeing Eric, 'I know him. I'm sure I know this guy, and he seems like, you know really lonely.' I remember we went out and got in a car and went off to Sebastian's Hotel and I remembered thinking, 'We should've invited that guy 'cuz I'm sure we know him from somewhere and he just seemed, like, lonely."

Crawdaddy Magazine, February 1977
Interview by Mitchell Glazer