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Fish of Marillion, 1997


"Another song - 'Alice' - was added to the set but soon was swallowed by another new epic, 'Forgotten Sons' which was about the conflict in Northern Ireland. I can remember writing 'prayer' section coming down from an acid trip, sitting in the sunshine outside a damp, dank rehearsal room as the band assembled the music that swelled through the open door. There was a dark power trapped in the song that visited us again while recording the track for the album in the Marquee Studios. As we multi-tracked the voices giving us the immense monk like chant, the booth which was buried in the cellars of the Marquee offices went icy cold and a tangible presence entered the room. Everyone freaked and something happened to the tape which now contained noises other than those recorded. The Marquee Studios are built on top of an old plague pit where hundreds of bodies are supposedly buried. It took me a while to go back into the booth. But we were a long way from an album."

'Script For A Jester's Tear' CD sleeve notes by Fish, 1997