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1978 - Reading Rock Festival

Reading Rock Festival

Reading Rock Festival
Richfield Avenue, Reading, UK
August 25th-27th 1978

The confirmation of the UK's punk and new wave scenes was represented this year by Patti Smith, Sham 69 and Penetration. Paul Weller from the Jam smashed his equipment in a classic Pete Townshend's pose to show his disappointment with the sound.

After the Fire, Radio Stars, New Hearts, Penetration, Sham 69, Pirates, Ultravox, The Jam, Jenny Darren, Automatics, Speedometers, Spirit, Nutz, Next, Gruppo Sportivo, Lindisfarne, Motors, Status Quo, Pacific Eardrum, John Otway, Tom Robinson Band, Ian Gillan Band, Albion Band, Chelsea, Foreigner, Squeeze, Patti Smith, Slade, Compere John Peel, Paul Inder, Bethnal, Business, Losers

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