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An introduction to the festivals
National Jazz Festival

The name of the Marquee club has been mainly associated with one of the most important jazz, blues and rock festivals in the UK since it's owner Harold Pendleton started organizing the National Jazz Festival in 1961, under the wing of the National Federation of Jazz Organizations of Great Britain (NFJOGB). The federation, which later renamed National Jazz Federation (NJF), was originally created by 1945.

Jazz trombonist Chris Barber was one of it's first secretaries and in 1948 he was replaced by the owner of the Marquee club, Harold Pendleton. The NJF moved it's offices to the upper floor of the Marquee club at 90 Wardour Street in 1968.

Another important jazz event in the UK was the Daily Mail International Jazz Festival, which took place at the Belle Vue, Manchester, 6–9 June, 1963. The festival was organised in association with the National Jazz Federation and its direction was shared by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, Harold Davison and Harold Pendleton, with the artistic advice by Gerald Lascelles.

The roll that the NJF played in the development of the jazz, blues, rhythm and blues and rock culture was decisive, bringing the music of new talents to bigger audiences than the ones at the Marquee club. This way, the National Jazz Festival became the first and most important rock event in the UK, later known as the Reading Festival.

In this section there is a brief description of the history of the different music festivals related with the Marquee club between the 1st National Jazz Festival in 1961 and the Reading Festival of 1988.

To learn more about the festivals we you can also visit this non-official web site dedicated to the history of the National Jazz Festival

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