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1971 - 11th National Jazz & Blues Festival

11th National Jazz & Blues Festival
Richfield Avenue, Reading, UK
June 25-27th, 1971

In 1971, the National Jazz & Blues Festival moved to it's definitive and famous location in Reading, which happened after Harold Pendleton was invited to hold a festival as apart of the Reading Councils annual Festival. The other change that this edition brought was the time since it was changed from August to the last week of June, with the subsequent risk of having a classical British rainy festival. Some of the new bands appearing at the Marquee club this year that were included in the festival's lineup were Genesis, Lindisfarne, Peter Hammill, Roy Gallagher, East of Eden and Renaissance.

The first festival at Reading was clouded by the controversy about the drug squad of the Thames Valley Police arresting and carting off over 115 people for soft drug possession and 2,000 people that were searched in a random way. The festival had also bad reviews because of the inadequate PA facilities. And the inconveniences of the heavy rain that left the place completely flooded.

Arthur Brown, Warm Dust, Bell & Arc, Daddy Loglegs, Armada, Anno Domini, Clouds, Universe, Ricotti/Alberquerque, Accrington Stanley, East Of Eden, Lindisfarne, Ralph McTell, Hardin and York, Pete York Percussion Band, Wishbone Ash, Audience, Terry Reid, Stud, Renaissance, Genesis, Gillian McPherson, Sha-Na-Na, Colosseum, Rory Gallagher, Ian Matthews, Medicine Head, Van Der Graaf Generator, Osibisa, Stray, Demick And Armstrong, Clark-Hutchinson, C.M.J., Colonel Bagshot, Al Kooper, Peter Hamill, Steel Mill, Storyteller, Vinegar Joe

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