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1970 - 10th National Jazz & Blues Festival

10th annual festival

10th National Jazz & Blues Festival
Plumpton Race Track, Streat, East Sussex, UK
August 6-9th, 1970

By 1970, the 10th National Jazz & Blues Festival had lost it's original identity as a jazz and blues event. Chris Barber was now the only jazz act on the whole bill and the rock artists filled the lineup, featuring a new generation of hard rock bands, such Black Sabbath, Wishbone Ash and Deep Purple, the latter of which set their monitoring systems on fire during their performance.

Jellybread, Fox, Samuel Purdy, Castle, Family, Groundhogs, Rare Bird, Steamhammer, Daddy Longlegs, Patto, Clark Hutchingson, Cat Stevens, Fotheringway, Strawbs, Magna Carta, Grammy's New Intentions, Mede in Sweden, Peter Green, Taste, Keef Hartley, Black Sabbath, Jackson Heights, Hardin York, Love Affair, East of Eden, Wild Angels, Incredible String Band, Turley Richards, Brian Davidson's Every Which Way, Burnin' Red Ivanhoe, Van Deer Graf Generator, Wishbone Ash, Da Da, Deep Purple, Jon Hiseman's Colosseum, Yes, Juicy Lucy, Chris Barber, Caravan, Audience, Fat Mattress, Hard Meat, Trevor Billmuss