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1969 - 9th National Jazz & Blues Festival

9th National Jazz & Blues Festival
Plumpton Race Track, Streat, East Sussex, UK
August 9-11th, 1969

The National Jazz & Blues Festival relocated again in 1969 after the refusal of the West Drayton council in Middlesex to give permission to use the site. This caused problems with the setting up of the stage and gear and later during Soft Machine's set there were power problems. Later on that Friday night there was a one hour break due to lack of power that delayed Pink Floyd's show until woke the next day, and as a result the band wake up the whole audience early in the morning with sounds of helicopters and bombs.

This year, apart from Pink Floyd and Soft Machine, the festival included some of the new promises from the Marquee club's residencies: Yes , King Crimson and Van Der Graaf Generator.

Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, East of Eden, Blossom Toes, Keith Tippett Jazz Group, Juniors Eyes, The Village, Bonzo Dog Band, Roy Harper, The Strawbs, Jigsaw, Van Der Graaf Generator, The Who, Chicken Shack, Fat Mattress, John Surman, Ansley Dunbar, Yes, The Spirit of John Morgan, King Crimson, Groundhogs, Dry Ice, The Pentangle, Long John Baldry, Ron Geesin, Jo-Ann Kelly, Magna Carta, Noel Murphy, The Nice, The Family, London Cast of Hair, Chris Barber, Keef Hartley, Eclection, Mick Abrahams' Blodwyn Pig, Circus, Hard Meat, Affinity, Babylon, Cuby's Blues Band

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