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Eric Clapton by Keith Kauffman

"In 1970, I saw Clapton again, at the first Derek and the Dominoes concert at the Marquee club in London. While the audience was laudatory, I was crushed - Clapton played a Gibson Les Paul Special or Stratocaster, and the magical tone and the angry drive were absent. Instead of unadulterated passion and power, Clapton's playing seemed a shadow of his former self. While some of the live material since 1970 (most notably some of the work with Albert Lee on the 'Just One Night' concert double CD) has had its occasional moments, Cream in concert was, in comparison, an unstoppable, relentless force, an event where every second was a revelation. Cream's unique combination of talent, with competing yet complementary talents and personalities, led to a unique zygotic fusion which we are unlikely to see (or hear) again."

Keith Kauffman, 2000.
Those Were The Days