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Adrian Stevens of Rustly Butler, 2006

"I know that "Little Stevie Wonder" sat in with The T-Bones when he was only 15 years old (playing chomonica & drums) and Wince Weatherill has a couple of funny stories about that! He has a good story about Keith Emerson whose fisrt band was The T-Bones. I still see Keith when he is over from the States.

I personally played for over 25 years with the ex-members of the T-Bones -Winston Weatherill, Stu Parkes, Keith Emerson, Gary Farr, Andy McKechnie & Brian Walkley. They played at The Marquee for ages on a regular slot. Before that they used to play at Giorgio Gomelsky's Crawdaddy Club in Richmond (and in Croydon).

The T-Bones seemed to follow The Yardbirds from gig to gig. They started supporting them in the Croydon Crawdaddy and took over then The Yardbirds moved to Richmond. When The Yardbirds became proper pop stars The T-Bones took over their residency at the Richmond club.", 2006