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AC/DC Biography


Gigs at the Marquee club: 11
Period of performances: 1976
Formed in: Sidney, Australia, 1973
Bon Scott (vocals)
Angus Young (guitar)
Malcolm Young (guitar)
Phil Rudd (drums)
Mark Evans (bass)

Formed originally in December, 1973, in Sidney, Australia, A/DC is one of the most important hard rock bands from the 70's which influenced a whole generation of heavy rockers.

AC/DC was formed originally by guitarist Malcolm Young, after his split from the band Velvet Underground. His older brother, George Young, was a member of the popular 60s band the Easybeats. After numerous personnel changes in the band the band's lineup remained as the two brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, Dave Evans (vocals), Rob Bailey (bass) and Peter Clark (drums).

AC/DC released their debut album, "High Voltage" in February 1975, right after the departure of both Rob Bailey and Peter Clark. Shortly after that, in September 1974, Dave Evans was kicked out of the band when he refused to go onstage one night after a fight between the Young brothers in the backstage and was replaced by Bon Scott. After all these personnel changes AC/DC went into the studio for the recording of the album, with the support of Tony Kerrante and John Proud on drums and George Young on the bass. Phil Rudd (drums) and Mark Evans (bass) joined the band shortly later to complete the classical AC/DC lineup that would remain for another couple of years.

In the period of one year AC/DC became one of the most popular rock bands in Australia, featuring the charismatic figures of the violent Bon Scott and Angus Young dressing like a stray schoolboy. The following AC/DC two albums "High Voltage" and "T.N.T." are all-time hard rock classics.

AC/DC at the Marquee
AC/DC at the Marquee, 1976. Photo © Peter Ball

Right before the release of "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" in summer 1976, AC/DC played their first gigs at the Marquee club on the 11th and 12th of May 1976 as the supporting act for Back Street Crawler. This was part of an European tour originally scheduled to start in April but was postponed due to guitarist Paul Kossof’s death in March. By the 4th of June the band was stepping on the stage of the Marquee club again, but this time as heading act. A month later they started a Monday residence at the Marquee and they broke attendance records by attracting more than 1,000 people, when the capacity of the club was not more than 700.

AC/DC is still an active band in the 00's and has an army of fans all over the world from the last three generations. Bon Scott died in London in February 1980, from asphyxiation while choking on his own vomit after heavy drinking. He was replaced by vocalist Brian Johnson. AC/DC never played again at the Marquee since September 1976.

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