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3 January 1979 Marseilles

DATE: Wednesday, 3rd, January, 1979
LOCATION: 90 Wardour Street
MAIN ACT: Marseilles

This show was originally announced by the club featring the pop band Eater but it was replaced by French band Marseilles.

Memories on this night

"As far as I recall Eater were advertised and scheduled to perform but had a band argument and I think broke up (I seem to remember they did this more than once). So I arrived at The Marquee expecting to see Eater but they'd been replaced at the last minute with pop HM band Marseilles (who had a single out called 'Do It The French Way' around that time). I was on my own and in two minds about whether to go in but I got talking to punkette in the queue and she was going in, so I decided to go in too despite having warned her the band played metal andwe should go somewhere elsewhere (yes I was more interested in the girl than Marseilles). So afterwards we both agreed that Marseilles sucked, but I did walk the punkette down to Charing X train station where she caught a train to south east London but I didn't manage to go with her (although I did get her phone number). At that time (late seventies) I'd often go to The Marquee several times a week, and then on to a later place after (Global Village, Music Machine, all night movies at The Scala etc.), but this was not one of my top nights at the venue since it was the wrong type of music for me... worse yet when I got around to calling the punkette she was wouldn't meet me coz I'd taken a week to bell her (I was playing cool, not hard to get)."

Stewart Home, London, March, 2007.

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