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24-september-1986 How We Live

DATE: Thu, 24th, September, 1986
LOCATION: 90 Wardour Street
MAIN ACT: How We Live
BAND MEMBERS : Ferg Harper (bass, vocals), Steve Hogarth (keyboards, vocals), Colin Woore (guitar, vocals), Geoff Dugmore (drums)

Press on this night

Sounds - October 18 1986
Author: Kez Owen

"Usually it's easy to tell what type of band are about to play by the dress sense and hairstyles of the crowd. But if you walked in to the Marquee tonight, you'd have found it bloody impossible. The audience, you see comprised of coloured, spikey hairstyles, a girl wearing jackboots, arty farties, pessimistic housewives and cravat-wearing tourists - a pretty mixed bunch huh? Either How We Live can't be categorised, or their recent tour with Chris De Burgh has attracted a highly diverse following. Their music is breezy, middle of the road, cool calypso, plus both smoochey and lively rock - although listening to their recent single 'All the Time in the World', you'd never guess that this band could offer such a mixture. Elfin frontman Steve Hogarth draws the crowd in. He sings loud yet effortlessly, and springs, crouches and writhes, energised by the sounds around him. He plays piano and the notes tipple like a waterfall with cymbals making metallic splashes among the guitar lathered waves. Each song is markedly different and there's hardly a break between each finger clicking number. How We Live know how to live. It seems that life is there to be enjoyed rather than merely endured, and they do their best to loosen up the unwilling."

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