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18 March 1967 1-2-3

DATE: Saturday, 18th, March, 1967
LOCATION: 90 Wardour Street
MAIN ACT: 1-2-3

Memories on this night

"This night sticks in my memory because it was the first time I ever heard this kind of music. I went along because The Marquee program had said it was a unique sound, and it was. I suppose nowadays it would be called prog or maybe even protoprog, yet this group never even became famous. Half the audience hated them, and half loved them, mainly musicians. I'm not a musician, but I understood it was something completely new. They did a version of 'Sound of Silence' before the world had even heard of it, but like all the songs, done so differently, changed completely. Yes and The Nice copied a lot of this, though it still didn't sound as radical when they did it, as hearing it at The Marquee. I went along on all the other 1-2-3 nights, the 25th is the only other one I remember, there was almost a fight in the audience that night, the two factions getting at each other. Some were cheering, some were shouting 'Rubbish!'. John Gee came on the stage and said 'if you want rubbish, there's a club in Oxford street that caters for it'. We all cheered!"

Jean Frame, York, UK, October 2007.

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