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18-august-1980 Girls

DATE: Monday, 18th, August, 1980
LOCATION: 90 Wardour Street

Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore of Rainbow jammed with the female band Girls during the performance of Steppenwolf's rock classic "Born to Be Wild". That night the band celebrated a party at the Holiday Inn hotel in London's Swiss Cottage.

Memories on this night

'Monday 18th August, I left for London and that night I decided to go to the Marquee club to see a new band, Girl. This group is using quite a lot of make-up to get a girlish look. Nice to see but it's the music that counts. The support act, Taurus, known for some of their singles, was very nice to see. Girl then hit the stage with make-up and their hairstyle in the latest Paris fashion. How about the music? That was also great. Good songs, played very well. The crowd went wild and the show was followed by an encore. And then, all of a sudden, there was Ritchie Blackmore who walked on the stage with his old Fender around his neck! The audienced went crazy - who had expected this? Nobody! The Girl guitar player started "Born To Be Wild" and Ritch joined the song, smiled a bit and played a nice solo. Of course, everyone wanted more but the show was over.'

Frans van Arkel

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