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18-august-1970 Yes

DATE: Tuesday, 18th, August, 1970
LOCATION: 90 Wardour Street
BAND MEMBERS : Jon Anderson (vocals), Chris Squire (bass, vocals), Steve Howe (guitar, vocals), Tony Kaye (keyboards), Bill Bruford (drums).

Yes played their first and last gig featuring the new guitarist Steve Howe on the 18th of August 1970, since this was the last gig that the band ever played at the Marquee club. Steve Howe had already played already at The Marquee Club for three times with the In Crowd in 1965 and 1967. At this point the sound of the band changed considerably coinciding with the release of "The Yes Album" and the band started gaining international success and moved to bigger venues in London, such as the Rainbow theatre. Apart from their appereance this year at the 10th National Jazz & Blues Festival in Plumpton, they also played later at the Reading Festival of 1975, which was organized by the national Jazz Federation and the Marquee club, featuring a new line-up with Alan White on drums and Patrick Moraz on keyboards.

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