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14-july-1973 Fumble

DATE: Saturday, 14th, July, 1973
LOCATION: 90 Wardour Street
MAIN ACT: Fumble
BAND MEMBERS: Des Henly (vocals, guitar), Mario Ferrari (bass, vocals), Sean Mayes (piano, vocals), Barry Pike (drums)

Press on this night

Fumble - London, Marquee Club - New Musical Express, July 1973
Author: Barbara Charone

"Fumble brought some of those wonderful sixties vibes back into 1973 - at London's Marquee on Saturday.
The band really looked the part, with Des Henly strutting out front, making with the Bobby Vee twang. And Mario Ferrari looking like he just stepped out of his hot rod, ready to jive. Then there was Sean Mayes pounding the keyboards, and Barry Pike bashing the kit about in the grand tradition. Above all, they have the feel. Fumble understand that breaking up is hard to do ... and little things like that are important. Whether it was "Oh Carol", "Hello Mary Lou", or "All Shook Up", they captured that sound. "Ebony Eyes" was a real killer - the touching story of a guy who goes to meet his girl's plane, and the plane crashes. Someone shouted, 'Billy Fury', and Des screamed back 'now you're getting the idea.' Suddenly no one was concerned about the Marquee's oppressive heat. It was hot and sweaty, but, oh, what fun. After numerous encores, the people were still shouting for more. My advice is: Don't hang up your dancing shoes till you've seen this band. It's definitely poetry in motion..

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