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12-january-1965 The Who

DATE: Tuesday, icon-star.gifth, January, 1965
LOCATION: 90 Wardour Street
MAIN ACT: the Who
BAND MEMBERS : Roger Daltrey (vocals), Pete Townshend (guitar, vocals), John Entwistle (guitar), Keith Moon (drums).

Press on this night

Caught In The Act
Author: N.J.C
Melody Maker , January, 1965

"The Who, appearing each Tuesday at London's marquee Club, should be billed not only as "Maximum R&B" but as "Far-Out R&B".

These four young musicians present their own brand of powerful, stinging rhythm-and-blues which, last Tuesday, quickly stimulated and enthusiastic audience.

"Heatwave" (the Martha and the Vandellas hit number) is given typically fiery "Who" treatment. Another of their outstanding numbers was an instrumental "Can't Sit Down". This performance demonstrated the weird and effective tecniques of guitarist Paul Townshend who expertly uses speaker feedback to accompany many of his solos.

"The Who", spurred by a most exhilarating drummer and a tireless vocalist, must surely be one of the trendsetting groups of 1964."

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